About Oldrich Jindra

Oldrich Jindra is a professional ice hockey clan born on 23rd of August 1980 in a small city close to the german board, Domazlice.


The goal of Oldrich Jindra´s career is the high quality development based on the education, experience and human quality. That was one of the reasons, why Mr.Jindra took a decision not just to be an ice hockey coach, but also followed during his activity like a coach education on the high school, also the university. This experience, also a successful graduation helped him to better understand the needs of coaches and players in the modern ice hockey.


Mr.Jindra is not just an ice hockey coach, but developer, motivator, speaker and expert in the ice hockey area. His philosophy is simple: Just educated people can educate anybody else, so not just official education, but day by day study and experience supports Mr.Jindra on the road to get better for his teams, his players, his staff and his clubs, also management.

CV Oldrich Jindra on german: CV-OJ deutsch

CV Oldrich Jindra on english: CV-EN



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