Blog – 30.3.2017

Usage of apple products in the ice hockey area / Coache´s life


Ice hockey is an amazing sport. So simple, two nets and one puck, also complicated in many questions – how to develop, how to win, how to support and so else.

If we talk about coaches life, we can´t work without usage of PC´s and modern technology in our lives – doesn´t work. Coaching is no more  understood like leadership on the ice, blowing the whistle, pressing the stopwatches and yelling to the players.

Coach of the modern time, we call it present or future, is manager – manager of schedules, managers of the players souls, manager of hockey skills, manager of the individual psychological skills and potential…and much more


For ice hockey coaching we use mostly this four items:

  • iMac´s
  • MacBook´s
  • Ipad´s
  • Iphone´s

No surprise – we all love or hate Apple, depends which side you are, well, we all know Apple products.

I want to take a time and to write a lot of each item, also apps in different time, at the beginning I just want to shortly explain possible usage and philosophy of every item for coaching usage.

MacBook´s, iMac´s

Maschines for real working, sit down and work

  • iWork (planing, letters..)
  • iMovie/Final Cut Pro
  • Fantastical 2 (schedule)
  • HCV (coaching App)

iPad´s (Air, 2..)

  • iWork via iCloud
  • Coaching Apps
  • On road work (Notices, Schedules…)






iPhone´s (best are Plus versions – bigger screen)

  • home office
  • simple iWork
  • communication tools


In the next days we take a look at each item, also concrete usage. Follow this blog!