Coaches about Oldrich Jindra

Danny Stewart (CAN), Player/associate coach Fife Flyers (EIHL)

I had the chance to work with Oldrich Jindra at the Best of British ice hockey camps. He is one of the hardest working individuals I have seen when it comes to making himself better as a coach. He is technically very good, his passion and enthusiasm is second to none and I would recommend him to coach players at all levels!

Bernie Lynch (CAN), international ice hockey coach

I have had the opportunity to observe and analyze Oldrich Jindra’s hockey techniques…innovative ideas, strategies….coaching methods and forward looking instruction and training methods……I find him to be in the advanced area of many coaches that we rub shoulders with everyday. Oldrich is a humble man with a great hockey mind, and all of us who have the opportunity to share with him ideas and techniques are indeed fortunate.. Oldrich is a hockey coaches coach…a true man and innovator of the game.

Ales Burnik (SLO), Slovenian national team video coach

I know Oldrich through Czech international hockey camp. He is an energetic guy who always thinks about hockey! His dedication, passion and professional approach towards that sport are just unbelievable! Ales Burnik, Slovenian national team video coach

 Erik Vikström (SWE), coach

Great Guy good knowledge and open minded COACH , good skill instructor.

Dieter Wieser (CH), head coach Illnau-Effretikon

I met Oldrich Jindra like very competent and fair coach. I guess him like a coach and friend. I also want to congratulate  him to his project Oldrich Jindra coaching clinics. I take a look almost daily in his programs to be inform about his analyses and training methods.

Björn Tegnér (SWE), junior coach Mora IK

I worked with Oldrich Jindra 2012 in Furudal, Sweden. I was very impressed of how hard he worked on the ice. His passion and enthusiasm brings the best out of every individual he works with 

 Dino Stecher (SUI), EHC Olten

Oldrich Jindra ist für mich der meistunterschätzte junge Coach in der Schweiz. Er hat grosses Potential. Beindruckt bin ich von seinen Fähigkeiten im Technik- und Skillbereich. Take a look on „Jindra coaching clinic“ 👍

 Dennis Chighisola (CAN)

I’ve been observing and interacting with Oldrich online for about 3-years now, and I can say that he surely knows skill development. I also believe he possesses the number one quality in being a good coach, mainly because it’s obvious he loves his work. 



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