Oldrich Jindra Hockey Skills Factory

Key-points of my philosophy

  • Ice Hockey is passion for 24-7, 365 days a year
  • ice hockey is not just a sport, it´s lifestyle
  • Human Quality – The players need to look forward for each session
  • Work hard, work well
  • Bring all yours energy onto the ice
  • Teach-Develop-Support
  • Strong leadership
  • Ice hockey with all your heart
  • trust
  • just educated people can educate anybody else


  • mentality, motivation, family support and interest in own development are basic for the cooperation between coach and the player
  • skills are fuel, fuel for your combinations and systems. Without full skills is impossible to take the next step
  • combinations, offence or defense allow to outplay the opponent, skills are used to see the players and to be seen
  • systems, tactics are the highest level of ice hockey. But the basement is about the skills. Systems are used to play controlled a controlled game with all players on the ice


Why have skills the highest priority?

  • I want to educate creative players
  • no fixed positions in modern hockey, you have to know everything
  • no skills, no combinations, no systems
  • learn to take right decisions at the right moment and to have options how to do it
  • basics are skating, passing and shooting, the basic in the second level are situations 1-1, offence-defence

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