THREE DRILLS – 16.8.2017

Dear coaches,

this week I present a new part of our series THREE DRILLS.

All is about passion, experience and an idea to share long-term used, improved and tested drills. My drills can help you to test a new set-up, also may inspire you to create new drills on your own. But never forget: don´t teach the drills, teach the key-points of the drills that you want to apply to your game and skills productivity of your players.

Today I share:

  • 2-0 / + D shot
  • 1-0 / 1-1
  • 2-1

If there are some questions, don´t be hesitate to contact me anytime

Have fun with my drills, here they are: Three drills-16.8.2017

Best regards

Oldrich Jindra