THREE DRILLS – 24.8.2017

Dear ice hockey friends,

it´s 24th. of August, one day after my birthday and I´m on time. Next week has almost gone and I present a new part of the series THREE DRILLS. This project had a great start: over 1100.visitors took focus at this topic – thank you very much.

Today I present:

2-0 / + D shot

2-1 / + D shot

3-2 / regroup to 3-1 or to 5-1 or 5-0


Here it is: Three drills-24.8.2017


I´m really proud to present weekly this project and to share it – we all love ice hockey and we want to make it better. Feel free for sharing!

PS: the biggest question was which software do I use – I use Hockey Coach Vision and I recommend it to all of you. For me like an Apple fan it´s a great platform for iOS also macOS.

Oldrich Jindra