Drills for december- DRILLBOOK

November and December are challenging months – for the coaches and the players.

Some coaches want to break up the daily routine with some new drills – why not, always good way how to challenge the team at new.

I put some ideas on the paper to challenge all of you and I hope I can help or support you

Feel free to use this drills, I’m sure your players are going to have fun and most of all – they get challenged for better performance and get new impulse.

Click here to download the drills (PDF): Drills-Dezember

Best regards

Oldrich Jindra

Oldrich Jindra: Coach Skills Technique Camp 2018

Und hiermit dürfen wir den nächsten Coach vorstellen, der beim Skills Technique Camp 2018 dabei ist. Und nicht nur dabei: er ist der Gründer und Leiter des Camps – OLDRICH JINDRA

Oldrich Jindra ist zur Zeit als head of coaching beim Club da Hockey Engiadina, zusätzlich aktiv als Videoexpert oder GRHOCKEY Coach beim U14 Auswahl.



THREE DRILLS – 11.10.2017

Dear ice hockey friends,

after small break do I present new part of THREE DRILLS series. Ultimate drills, breaking the habits, movement and much much more – apply and enjoy it!

Please, before you download, answer my question

Here are the ultimate drills: THREE DRILLS – 11.10.2017

Best regards

Oldrich Jindra


Three drills – new special from Hockey Skills Factory and Oldrich Jindra

Ladies and gentleman,

yesterday I started a new development support for the coaches called THREE DRILLS.

There is weekly update for different kinds of drills, but structured, made at the same basics and set-up.


My key-points for THREE DRILLS management:


  • same set-up for the drills
  • option to run this drills with different number of players
  • structured development and game management for your teams
  • goalie challenge


Creation of great development strategy for the coaches and players does mean for me more than my own goals – I have no secrets, because each coach and player are unique. Apply all stuff carefully for your players/team needs.
Oldrich Jindra


Have fun with this drills, feel free for sharing also I´m ready to accept your wishes, also happy about feedbacks.

First episode of THREE DRILLS is since 10.8.2017 online here:  Three drills-10.8.2017


Best regards


Oldrich Jindra

Hockey Skills Factory – national and select teams company

Wir sind sehr stolz und gratulieren allen Spielern, die in diesem Sommer an unserem Skills Technique Camp 2017 teilgenommen haben und gleichzeitig in diverse Auswahlteams / Nationalteams einberufen wurden:



Stirnimann Lino, CDH Engiadina

Ellemunter Timo, CDH Engiadina

Betschart Corsin, CDH Engiadina

Leipold Gian, EHC St.Moritz




Haller Linus, CDH Engiadina

Salis Sandro, CDH Engiadina

Schmidt Sandra, CDH Engiadina

Bozzo Maximilian, EHC St.Moritz

Schlub Sven, EHC St.Moritz

Wäspi Corsin, EHC St.Moritz



Knörr Tobias, EHC St.Moritz



Haller Florian, CDH Engiadina / HC Davos

Ritzmann Fabian, CDH Engiadina / HC Davos














































































Wir wünschen euch alles Gute, sind stolz auf euch und freuen uns auf Skills Technique Camp 2018! Gleichzeitig wünschen wir allen Athleten Schritt nach dem Schritt ihre Ziele zu folgen – ihr packt es! Saison ist noch lang, eure Wünsche werden erfüllt!

Oldrich Jindra




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