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Stickhandling for everybody

Stickhandling – so magic word in ice hockey. But what is it? Let me to introduce my personal definition – it’s a skill to handle the puck (or ball in streethockey) in all situations with or without the pressure, control to game also to see so many teammates/opposite players as possible. In ice hockey we need the ability and combination


Scoring Quality / Usage of hockeyrevolution products in daily improvement

How can I shoot quicker, efficient, hard….? So many questions from the players that NEED to be answered. Actually in this question are so many points that has to checked before you start to give the RIGHT answers. Every single player is unique, special – everybody is strong personality in a teamsport. Ok, we have have read so many articles


hockeyrevolution – new partners/ new tools!

Happy and proud to welcome new tools in the skills arena in Engelberg/Switzerland. Our athletes are so ready to try all this products and improve their hockey skills on daily basis with professional support of our coaches. Also proud to announce partnership with . Amazing products for the skills development in professional arenas or just in your house. Skills


Practice with Brain / Open mind – Oldrich Jindra

So many articles, too many ideas, too many philosophies! Let us to explain our simple philosophy: if you want to get really better (whatever you want to make better), you have to analyse your skills/set-up. Just in that case are individually sessions possible and effective. a) body preferences b) strong skills c) weak skills d) typology e) mental age If


Off-ice Skills Development – Backstage

Off-Ice Skills Development  – Backstage Off-Ice Skills sind ein Teil der Ausbildung im Eishockey. Wie wichtig oder unwichtig, wie oft, wann oder wo, dies ist jedem überlassen und geht über Horizont dieses Artikels.  Die genaue Zusammensetzung eines Trainings oder sogar einer Ausbildungspyramide ist nicht einfach, sehr spezifisch und basiert auf konkreten Präferenzen des trainierten Spielers, Möglichkeiten und Zielsetzung (Philosophie) des

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