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Oldrich Jindra: Coach Skills Technique Camp 2018

Und hiermit dürfen wir den nächsten Coach vorstellen, der beim Skills Technique Camp 2018 dabei ist. Und nicht nur dabei: er ist der Gründer und Leiter des Camps – OLDRICH JINDRA

Oldrich Jindra ist zur Zeit als head of coaching beim Club da Hockey Engiadina, zusätzlich aktiv als Videoexpert oder GRHOCKEY Coach beim U14 Auswahl.



THREE DRILLS – 11.10.2017

Dear ice hockey friends,

after small break do I present new part of THREE DRILLS series. Ultimate drills, breaking the habits, movement and much much more – apply and enjoy it!

Please, before you download, answer my question

Here are the ultimate drills: THREE DRILLS – 11.10.2017

Best regards

Oldrich Jindra


Three drills – new special from Hockey Skills Factory and Oldrich Jindra

Ladies and gentleman,

yesterday I started a new development support for the coaches called THREE DRILLS.

There is weekly update for different kinds of drills, but structured, made at the same basics and set-up.


My key-points for THREE DRILLS management:


  • same set-up for the drills
  • option to run this drills with different number of players
  • structured development and game management for your teams
  • goalie challenge


Creation of great development strategy for the coaches and players does mean for me more than my own goals – I have no secrets, because each coach and player are unique. Apply all stuff carefully for your players/team needs.
Oldrich Jindra


Have fun with this drills, feel free for sharing also I´m ready to accept your wishes, also happy about feedbacks.

First episode of THREE DRILLS is since 10.8.2017 online here:  Three drills-10.8.2017


Best regards


Oldrich Jindra