Scoring Quality / Usage of hockeyrevolution products in daily improvement

How can I shoot quicker, efficient, hard….? So many questions from the players that NEED to be answered. Actually in this question are so many points that has to checked before you start to give the RIGHT answers. Every single player is unique, special – everybody is strong personality in a teamsport.

Ok, we have have read so many articles already, so many videos has been taken also watched how to do this or that, but start with very simple individual evaluation:

  1. How old is the athlete / position
  2. Preferences / strong skills
  3. Weaknesses
  4. Body / physical also mental strength
  5. Goals of the athlete – his/her wish list

Answer this questions on your own. The goal of this article is not about how to shoot or score correctly, oh no. The point is how to support athletes needs to get a better player, better athlete. Giving him / her the trust for doing the right things and most of all, doing all that things on his / her own – because we have to be serious, the home training is still the best way how to improve the skills and having enough of time to try it without a pressure. This is a point why do I strongly recommend to use Hockeyrevolution tools for own improvement. It just works and most of all – you select the level of the training on the basis of yours skills and needs.

Here, check our movie how do we use My Target Pro. This are basic drills and we are gonna show you later how to do this things much more professional, challenging and helpful.

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Check it out:

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